An AFM market has been evolving for more than 3 decades and now it offers different systems of various levels of quality and price. NT-MDT S.I. has been serving an AFM community worldwide for the last 30 years and today, to further support researchers in the world, we would like to offer free samples testing on top-graded AFMs. If you are actively looking for a new AFM or consider to get one for your lab, NT-MDT S.I. encourages you to contact us by filling out information below and send a couple of samples. Our team of applications scientists will run your samples and prepare a detailed report. All measurements are free of charge.

If you like the data we obtain from your samples, we would be glad to provide more details on the AFM and techniques that were used for measurements. However, if you believe that some other AFM could provide you with better measurements, we will send you a free set of cantilevers or other valuable gift as a thank for opportunity to challenge our AFM technology.

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